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Serving the Katy, TX Area

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What to expect
You will have a blast painting with colorful acrylics, using brushes of different sizes, while enjoying some fun tunes. The class will be guided step by step through the painting process and will learn some basic techniques. We are able and ready to answer questions and help each painter create a masterpiece that they are proud of.

No previous art experience is required.

The environment is meant to inspire creativity, laughter, and fun!

The teaching style and environment is enjoyable for ages 6 years and older. Little ones, teenagers, and grown-ups will enjoy the class setting. Parents are welcome to reserve a seat and join the fun.

What to wear
Acrylic paints do not come out of clothes. While we do provide smocks to wear we encourage you to come dressed in clothes that are okay for the case of accidental wipes/spills.

What to bring

We provide all the paint, brushes, and canvases.
Your children only need to come excited and ready to paint!

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Fun painting classes your child will love! Kid friendly fun!! Painters will be guided step by step, while learning basic painting techniques. No experience required. Every painter goes home with his or her own masterpiece!!